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My Favorite No Down Payment Option

Are you looking for a true no down payment option? If you’re like so many other buyers struggling to come up with down payment money, then the NHF Platinum down payment assistance program might be the perfect solution. The NHF Platinum option is a down payment assistance program and is sponsored by the National Homebuyers […]

4 Things You Need to Know About Your Credit

Your credit report will play an important role in the purchase of your next home. Knowing where you stand is important for all buyers. The earlier in the process you identify your standings, the more time you’ll have to take corrective action, if necessary.  Here are 4 things all buyers should know about their credit […]

Get Help with Your Budget

It’s certainly not the most exciting part of buying a new home but making a personal budget and determining how much of a monthly payment you can take on should be the first place every buyer starts. Determining how much you can afford is a critical step to ensure a successful financial future. Despite it’s importance, […]